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Fresh from the Farm. My name is Sara and my life spun out of control – ahem changed – ten years ago when I spotted my first goat. Of course, me being me, I just had to pick out a large, brutish Nubian (a large breed of goat) buck (an intact male) to fall in love with. Now, at this tender age, I was very short and the Nubian, at full size, would have had an additional four inches and 50 lbs on me. My parents, being the less-crazed-than-me people they are, swiftly talked me out of getting the Nubian and I soon became the proud owner of two Nigerian Dwarf does (female goats).

As is the case with most things in my life, everything began to snowball and, ten years later, I find myself with four milking does, five bucks, and a spring kidding season that produced thirteen kids.

Three years ago I began making goat milk soap in a quest to combat the dry skin I was struggling with. Soap is an interesting thing to make; there is a basic recipe that, once you master it, allows an infinite amount of variation. Colors, fragrances, even the oil blend – every minute change allows for the creation of something new and striking. Turing out small batches of handcrafted soaps allows me to try out an abundance of new designs that flit into my head.

The soaps I handcraft from start to finish are designed to be rustic – reflecting my heritage and the area in which I live and love (in case you did not know, I am from Idaho). I love taking bold scents and combining them into unusual bars of soap. Every bar of soap I produce has a story behind it and it is my joy to not only share these stories with you, but to share a product that is fabulous for your skin.

Take a moment to cruise this site and be sure to check out my soaps on Etsy and keep up-to-date by following 2GOATsoap on Facebook.


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