Handcrafted Ceramic Soap Dishes

Milk soaps have a tendency to be softer than traditional soaps, in part due to the higher levels of fats found int the oils and milk used to make soap. Handcrafted soaps also do not contain the preservatives that are in found in most store-bought soaps. This means that every bar of milk soap, like our goat milk soap, needs a little extra love when not in use.

Storing your slice of handcrafted soap on a rack will keep it out of the water and help the bar dry out when not in use. Not everyone has a wire rack by their sink, though, and since we highly encourage our soaps to be used everywhere, we have developed stunning ceramic soap dishes to port our soaps.

All the dishes are made by hand and are glazed with food-safe glazes. Every dish has a unique pattern and color – trust us, you won’t find another exactly like it! We only have a limited stock of dishes on hand, so if you are looking to accessorize your sink-side, don’t miss out on these lovely soap dishes.

P.S. These dishes also make awesome gifts. So if you know someone who loves handmade items, its never too early to start shopping. Even for Christmas…


Check out these dishes and more in our shop on Etsy!


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