Materials and Methods

At 2GOATsoap, we produce natural goat milk soaps using 100% raw, natural goat milk and skin-loving oils in the cold process method. Our soap is designed to not only be beautiful on your counter, but to be beautiful on your skin.

Each bar of our creamy soaps contain:

  • Olive Oil (Pomace)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Palm Oil (Sustainably Produced)
  • Avocado Oil
  • Raw Goat Milk (All Natural)

The Soap: All of our soaps are produced in small batches, typically less than twenty bars in size. This gives us plenty of control over the quality of our soaps, as well as allowing us to try out more ideas for new soaps.


The Oils: We firmly believe that you get out what you put it. Thus, we strive to put great ingredients into our soaps. This is why we source the palm oil for our soaps from an RSPO supplier that supports sustainable palm oil production. It is also why we have chosen a specific blend of olive, palm, coconut, and avocado oils – we firmly believe that these oils produce an excellent bar of soap that is hard enough to sustain use, gentle enough to be used on your whole body, and rich enough to give great suds when used.

The Milk: It is also why we have chosen to use unprocessed, 100% raw, completely natural fresh goat milk from our herd of dairy goats. Processing – i.e. pasteurizing – can distort and minimize some of the beneficial properties of goat’s milk. By raising our own goats, rather than sourcing milk from a farm or the store, we are able to manage our does to produce milk efficiently and we know that the milk we use is being sustainably produced as well as what has gone into producing every drop of their creamy milk.


The Packaging: The soaps that we sell on Etsy are packaged simply. This is due to our effort to reduce the amount of waste generated. Packaging of various products, soap products especially, are often quickly discarded and we did not feel comfortable knowing that our extra labeling was simply going into landfills. Thus, we designed a simple wrapper for our wavy-cut bars. Our small, designer soaps are wrapped in a simple burlap twine with our label attached.


Check out all of our soaps in our shop on Etsy!

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